A Family Tradition in Catering

Our story begins in 1958 with the innovation of one man and his passion for serving fine food in the heart of California. As a young restauranteur new to Fresno, Al Pardini brought with him a quality product and a customer-focused mentality.

His company grew to be synonymous with these values, and since 1981, Al’s son Jim has continued to elevate the family name, applying his father’s philosophy along the way. In recent years, Jim’s two son's have entered the business, carrying it into a third generation.

Our approach to catering is simple: we source the best product we can find and we prepare it as close to the serving time as possible, ensuring a freshly executed meal of high quality ingredients. If you host an off-premise catered event, you will most likely find one of our fully equipped kitchen trailers nearby along with a chef present to prepare your meal on-site.

From the initial meeting with one of our sales associates to the day of the event with an experienced banquet lead server, we pride ourselves on accommodating our clients’ needs every step of the way.

Over the past 50 years, we have built our reputation on full-service catering excellence and we look forward to maintaining that excellence for years to come – one meal at a time.

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